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Arion Audio loudspeaker design is
governed by “what can be” not “what is.”
We take the top down approach to product
design and development. First, we define
our product goals and then work to create a
speaker that meets them. We are willing to
develop new technology or reinvent existing
ones. We don’t rest until our speakers
reveal the true character of music. Building
the most advanced loudspeakers available
today and capturing everything from the
emotions of the performers, to the
ambiance of the venue is our goal.


Arion Audio amplifiers portray a vivid
presentation with exceptional clarity, focus
and realism. The presentation is always
both natural and lifelike. The smallest
details are well defined but never
overemphasized. Both channels are
painstakingly matched to achieve exact
imagery. The power supplies are massive
to ensure stability in the presentation, no
matter what the power demands are. The
result of our applied philosophy is an
exciting new musical experience.


Arion Audio carries a variety of carefully
selected accessories to complement our
own products. We use these products in all
our system whether it be in our showrooms
or at Shows. Nothing but the best!

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