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The Athena system is much like the Apollo system but with the HVT drivers and woofers are housed in a single enclosure.
Each loudspeaker uses six of our own (built in house) HVT drivers and two 10-inch dynamic drivers. Like all current Arion speaker systems, the Apollo System has no conventional crossovers. All filters and EQ
are handled by the advances DSP system which includes room correction for perfect system room integration.

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Iris Monitor Speakers-005extRedBLK (1).j


The Iris is a compact speaker system designed for music lovers who don’t want the “big system” but still demand the same high quality of music reproduction. The Iris speaker system started life as a design exercise in scaling down our HVT driver and Balanced Force Woofer technology. The culmination of many months of research and development have resulted in the Iris. The Iris is the smallest model of the Arion Audio loudspeaker lineup. The Iris is a two-way open baffle DSP controlled active system. They are ideal for a wide range of listening environments providing a unique combination of extraordinary detail, clarity, low dynamic compression, accurate timbre reproduction and natural dynamic contrasts.

Atlas speakers are an elegant example of advanced technology wrapped in a spirited contemporary design. The new Atlas is a floor standing, three-way, five driver loudspeaker design. Click below to learn more. 


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Apollo Loudspeaker

The Apollo is a five-piece loudspeaker system featuring separate full range line source dipole towers open baffle woofer modules. Separate cabinets allow the towers to be placed in the perfect location to optimize sound-stage and imaging. The bass modules can be placed for optimum extended bass in-room response and seamless integration with the towers. Advanced DSP room correction is provided for perfect system-room integration.


Apollo Woofer

The Apollo woofer modules are an Open Baffle (OB) design and integrate perfectly with the Apollo towers. Using separate woofer modules allows flexibility with their placement to optimize bass integration into the listening room. Furthermore, the bass
modules are designed to be stackable. The one pair of woofer modules that comes with the system will yield a good bass response
in an average size listening room. If the Apollo system is used in a large listening room then multiple pairs can be stacked or
placed around the room to help minimize room bass issues.

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